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Banking On Our Future

What is involved when volunteering with Banking on Our Future (BOOF)

1. After you submit your information, you will be contacted by the Program Manager closest to your location.  The Program Manager will provide possiblyedates and times for your BOOF Volunteer Training. 

2. You will participate in a BOOF training, either in-person, on the phone, or via webinar.  On average, trainings last between 45 -75 minutes.

3. After you have completed training, your program manager will work with you to find a school or program where you and other volunteers will educate youth on financial literacy.  Most BOOF sessions last about four hours, although shorter lengths are often available.

4. After you have taught your session, we will provide you with the results of your efforts through post-BOOF tests given to the students.

5. You realize what you did made a difference, and you sign up for more teaching sessions!

If you are ready to start volunteering, fill out the information below to get started on Step 1.


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