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Virtual HOPE Inside

Wherever you are in life, whatever challenges you face, we can help you design a brighter financial future. Operation HOPE and MetaBank are committed to helping you reach your goals by understanding what you’re trying to achieve and providing the tools to get you there. 

HOPE Inside is a national network that delivers financial education and empowerment in locations that consumers frequent. HOPE Inside exists within bank branches, grocery stores, academic institutions, municipal offices, even at major hospitals and police departments. We provide free, one-on-one credit counseling services over the phone or in person to help get you back on your feet again.

A nationwide, virtual HOPE Inside@MetaBank is anchored by the Operation HOPE Call Center and will serve as a backup customer service platform for MetaBank customers and consumers who are facing financial hardships. 

Credit and Money Management:

Our Credit Counseling Program will help you design a plan on how to recover from debt and repair low credit scores. A certified financial coach will listen to your needs and goals, review your credit history, prepare a budget analysis and create a plan of action. If you are looking to establish, repair or increase your credit, we can help. 

In certain geographic areas, we offer "700 Credit Score Communities" classes and Credit & Money Management workshops you can attend with like-minded peers who are looking to improve their credit score.

Topics Include:

  • Budgeting
  • Paying down debt and increasing savings
  • Understanding your credit score
  • How to read your credit report
  • Your rights as a consumer
  • Settling accounts
  • Disputing inaccurate information