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Cynthia Harrison
Financial Wellbeing Coach
HOPE Center, Washington D.C.
Cynthia Harrison is a former business owner of a professional service and  information technology corporation for eighteen years, with an excess of 100 employees, within multiple regions serving the private, local and federal sectors.  In addition, Ms.  Harrison owned several other businesses: a twelve unit station unisex styling salon, a consignment retail boutique, and a certified technology training center. 
Ms. Harrison’s various business entities have received multiple awards, ncluding the ‘Madame C J Walker’ Award, the ‘National Diversity’ Award, and the ‘Minority Women in Business’ Award.
Ms. Harrison is a graduate and Alumni of Dartmouth University, Minority Executive School of Business.   She began her career many 
years ago as an analyst with an organization which serviced the federal government sector.
She later advanced to management, but after experiencing twelve and fourteen hours work days, she believed she’d reached the proverbial “glass ceiling” within the organization.
Thus the decision was made to launch her own business and later established and operated several businesses. 
Currently, Ms. Harrison serves as the Small Business Program Manager at Operation HOPE in Washington, DC.   In that position she oversees the daily operations, while facilitating the teaching, education, and training of aspiring new and existing business owners, through HOPE’s entrepreneurial development training programs and workshops.   As well as participate in many business fair and forums event presenting training development, and workshop session on business creations, business plan development, and the characteristic of an entrepreneur/business owner.
Her belief is that the successful acquisition of one’s desire and dreams 
are reachable through daily application of six "P"s principles: 
“All things are possible through belief in oneself and the vision and the 6 P’s principle.”
  • Prayer
  • Purpose  
  • Passion
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Perseverance