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Jason Yancey
Director, HOPE Coalition America
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Phone - 891-2900

Jason Yancey serves as Deputy Director for HOPE Coalition America (HCA), the emergency preparedness and response division of Operation HOPE, Inc. and Director of Consumer Financial Protection.   In spring of 2007, in response to needs expressed by HOPE beneficiaries, Operation HOPE launched free foreclosure prevention services through the Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline.  The Hotline is managed by HCA through the leadership of Jason Yancey.

Jason has completed NeighborWorks’ nationally-recognized Foreclosure Intervention and Default Counseling certification, and is a fully certified Foreclosure Prevention Counselor, and Credit Counselor.  His work supporting the Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline (MHCH) has assisted thousands of clients in delaying and preventing foreclosure.  He provides financial literacy information which ensures that clients finish the program with a clear plan of action for their homes, budgets and financial futures.

Jason also participates in volunteer training sessions and represents the organization at Emergency Preparedness and Foreclosure Prevention fairs and events throughout the Los Angeles area on weekends.  He has developed a training guide to update the printed materials currently in use by HOPE staff, to simplify and clarify the standardized process for all of HOPE’s MHCH counselors.  Jason holds seminars explaining Foreclosure Prevention and Home Retention.

Mr. Yancey is a native of Columbia, Maryland and completed his bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Sociology at the University of Maryland College Park.  He comes to Operation HOPE with a background in counseling and social services.  After 8 years counseling at-risk children, he changed careers and entered the mortgage and real estate world.  He spent years as a loan officer at Ameriquest Mortgage, and then moved on to manage Equity One Lending.  His prior experiences, taken together, form the perfect synthesis of client assistance counseling and lending know-how.