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January 01 2009

Operation HOPE Founder John Hope Bryant Joins Program for Financial Literacy Month Celebration Hosted by NYSE

Silver Rights Leader and Vice Chairman of US President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy Moderates Roundtable Focused on Financial Literacy in Minority Communities

NEW YORK--(April 27, 2009) The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) today hosts a financial literacy program, including a Roundtable on Financial Literacy and Closing Bell Ceremony. Members of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy (Council), Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, NYSE EVP Regulation, Robert A. Marchman, and notable guests will participate in the Roundtable moderated by Operation HOPE Founder and CEO John Hope Bryant, with an opening keynote address by SEC Commissioner Luis Aguilar. Afterwards all attendees will join to ring the closing bell.

The President’s Council on Financial Literacy will highlight its work and its recommendations to improve financial education for all Americans. The non-partisan Council, established in 2008, continues to serve President Obama through 2010. The findings from the 2008 Annual Report to the President, which advocates increased access to mainstream financial services for the millions of unbanked, as well as supporting employers as providers and conduits of financial education to their employees, will help to ensure that the economic crisis we are facing today will not happen again.

The focus of the roundtable will be on financial literacy in minority communities and the role of financial illiteracy in the current financial crisis in America. Talking points will include strategic measures such as making financial literacy aspirationally relevant to youth, tying financial literacy to business partnerships to boost and help stabilize consumer confidence and employee enrichment, and fusing financial literacy into mortgage and credit products.

“April is Financial Literacy Month, and the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy remains steadfast in its belief that financial literacy is key to keeping America competitive,” said John Hope Bryant, Operation HOPE founder, chairman, and chief executive officer who also serves as vice chairman of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, and chairman on the Council Committee on the Under-Served. “With the economic crisis expanding its impact from the broad-based levels of the poor to the middle class, the work to develop and improve financial education for Americans has never been more relevant. Basically, post crisis, a solid business case can now be made for financial literacy.”

The NYSE is also recognizing the President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy for having made tremendous progress in laying groundwork toward improving financial literacy in the United States, with financial guru Charles Schwab serving as chairman and John Hope Bryant as vice chairman. A full list of Council members can be found here. The Council members will ring the Closing Bell in recognition of the critically important work of the Council and for the significance of financial literacy to all Americans.

About the President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy
The President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, created by President George W. Bush in January 2008 to advise the President and the Secretary of the Treasury on ways to improve financial literacy among all Americans is non-partisan and will serve President Barack Obama through 2010. The 16-member Council includes representatives of non-profits, private sector companies, academia, state government and other organizations dedicated to the delivery of financial education. More information on the Council can be found at