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January 01 2007

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Hosts Screening of Rwanda Rising

To Rave Reviews, Andrew Young Foundation's Debut Feature Documentary Now Featured on All Delta Airlines Long Range Flights

Heartened by the feature's positive message and the opportunity to discuss ways to promote democracy, free enterprise, education, and empowerment throughout the Diaspora, Secretary Rice played a key role in organizing the gathering. "We are pleased for this opportunity to meet Secretary Rice and are looking forward to promoting financial literacy and self-sufficiency in Africa. This film is a perfect example of what can be accomplished through cooperation, dignity, and good will," said Bryant.
Africa's promise."

About AFricaAlive
Though the State Department's Bureau of African Affairs, AFricaAlive Cultural Series strives to promote as a region of creative expression. Guided by Secretary Condoleezza Rice's Transformational Diplomacy, which seeks to use's diplomatic power to help foreign citizens better their own lives, to build their own nations and to transform their own futures, the department is engaged in global repositioning.