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December 17 2015

Operation HOPE and ForUsAll Partner to Offer Critical Retirement Benefits to Underserved Small Business Owners and Employees

OAKLAND, CA -- December 17, 2015 - Operation HOPE (HOPE) announced today that the organization has partnered with ForUsAll on a new initiative that will offer retirement planning education and resources  to small business owners seeking a 401(k) solution for their employees.

The partnership will bring a viable solution to employees of these small businesses, who otherwise would not have saved for retirement an option to now do so. With five out of six small businesses not offering a 401(k) plan to employees, that leaves 56% of Americans without a retirement plan at work.

“Working together with ForUsAll we will achieve a mutual goal of providing opportunities designed to bring financial dignity to both employees of small businesses as well as the small business owners themselves,” said Market President Northwestern Region for Operation HOPE, Tyrone Cosey.

ForUsAll and Operation HOPE will ensure that much needed support is offered to the requisite small businesses and their employees through a program designed to bring a critical financial benefit to business owners and employees who have been drastically underserved by the market.

“The retirement market is set up to serve only those with higher-paying, corporate, desk jobs. But we know having access to even the most basic 401(k) plan at work should not be a privilege but a right for all American workers in this day and age. By partnering with Operation HOPE, we have the opportunity to bring good financial products to communities and industries that have been plagued with predatory service providers,” states Shin Inoue, CEO and co-founder of ForUsAll.

Operation HOPE and ForUsAll will pilot this program in Oakland and Harlem, with a goal of enabling one hundred small businesses to offer a 401(k) plan to their employees.

While open to any company operating in the United States, Operation HOPE and ForUsAll will run strong, targeted campaigns to reach industries that have shown weaker adoption of 401(k) plans, including: food services, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail.

ForUsAll affirms that all program activities will be conducted in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations governing the marketing and expenditure of public funds.



In 2015, Operation HOPE received a 4-star charity for transparency and accountability by the prestigious nonprofit evaluator, Charity Navigator, establishing it as a best-in-class organization.  Since 1992, Operation HOPE has promoted financial dignity through financial literacy and educational tools in underserved communities. Through its core portfolios, the organization has provided youth and adult financial literacy, encouraged economic preparedness and digital empowerment, promoted homeownership, and assisted with foreclosure prevention to more than 2.6 million individuals, families, and small-business owners. It is currently focused on Project 5117, a multi-year initiative that will track and increase business role models for youth, boost credit scores for adults, and empower underserved communities, as a part of its “silver rights” mission to make free enterprise work for everyone.


ForUsAll is a next-generation provider of 401(k)s for small businesses. ForUsAll was founded to help bridge the current retirement gap facing the United States by radically simplifying the 40l(k) so that it's easy, hassle-free, and inexpensive for any company and its employees. ForUsAll has a very simple goal: to make sure that every American has a fair shot at retirement success, no matter how small the company they work for or own. ForUsAll is a registered investment advisor and in compliance with governing bodies including the SEC, the Department of Labor, and ERISA.