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September 08 2015

Operation HOPE’s Global Mission Channeled through HOPE Global Initiatives

HOPE Global Initiatives reports out, year to date—reaching 1.85 million individuals around the world

LOS ANGELES – September 10, 2015 – Operation HOPE’s international division, HOPE Global Initiatives (HGI), reported today that four countries are using HOPE based curriculum, or programs, resulting in more than 1.85 million individuals being empowered in places outside of America, since the initiative began in 2007.

“As I celebrated my 6-year anniversary at Operation HOPE this summer, I had an opportunity to reflect back on the work,” said Shannon Campbell managing director of HOPE Global Initiatives. “I joined Operation HOPE because I believed that I could make a difference. In the time that I’ve been here, I'm pleased to have played a key role in the development of a number of financial literacy curriculums and helped our programs grow in locations outside of the U.S."

With the launch of Banking on Our Future South Africa, HGI committed to expanding the organization’s mission to eradicate poverty and promote financial dignity in countries outside of the USA and bringing Project 5117 to scale. Its programs are largely supported by financial partners, non-government organizations, schools, congregations, civil-society organizations, using more than 22,000 HOPE Corps volunteers. 

As an organizational partner to Global Dignity, HGI has educated over 370,000 students in financial dignity.  Through HOPE the foundation for the program materials for Riyali and Riyali Kids, financial literacy curriculums were developed to help youth and college students become confident, and economically responsible Saudi citizens. Esref Sah was created by Operation HOPE in partnership with the Emirates Foundation for Youth Development and is now being implemented on the ground in  the United Arab Emirates. The programs on the ground and students reached include:

  • Since 2007, in South Africa, we have educated more than 47,000 youth and 10,500 adults.
  • Since 2010, HOPE has educated more than 370,000 youth with A Course in Dignity, out of the 1.7 million youth Global Dignity has reached around the world.
  • Since 2012, we have educated more than 52,000 youth and college students in Saudi Arabia through the Riyali and Riyali Kids financial literacy program.
  • Since 2013, we have educated more than 35,000 college students in the United Arab Emirates through the Esref Sah financial literacy program.

Operation HOPE's award-winning youth financial liteacy program, Banking on Our Future, provides the financial dignity program core. It includes a special focus on entrepreneurship for the South Africa curriculum; two versions were created to address the specific needs of the rural and urban communities in SA. Other curriculums that use HOPE financial literacy standards include:

  • Banking on Our Future, Quincy Jones Celebrity Edition - Financial literacy program for youth, featuring real life stories and examples of music icon Quincy Jones
  • Banking on Our Future, South Africa - Financial literacy program for individuals living in the rural communities and townships of South Africa 
  • Riyali - Financial literacy program for university students in Saudi Arabia
  • Riyali Kids- Financial literacy program for youth in Saudi Arabia
  • Esref Sah - Financial literacy program for university students in the United Arab Emirates

Since its inception in 1992, HOPE, a global nonprofit focused on financial dignity, has empowered more than 2.5 million individuals and directed more than $1.8 billion in private capital to America's low-wealth communities. It has recruited a growing army of 22,000 HOPE Corps volunteers, and helped raise average credit scores for financial case management clients more than 120 points over an average 18-month period. It currently serves more than 300 U.S. cities, as well as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates among others. It works to empower underserved communities in a “silver rights” mission to make free enterprise work for everyone.