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June 26 2014

Wells Fargo Hosts Operation HOPE Founder John Hope Bryant to Highlight New Book - “How the Poor Can Save Capitalism”

LOS ANGELES – Operation HOPE, Inc. (HOPE) Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant will speak at a reception hosted by Wells Fargo to address ideas from his new book, “How the Poor Can Help Save Capitalism.”  

Currently a top 10 buy on Amazon’s Best Seller and Apple iTunes list –the book highlights solutions to increase financial inclusion by creating economic opportunities, and instilling hope in America’s struggling economic majority.

The book, endorsed by former President Bill Clinton, with a foreword by legendary civil rights leader Andrew Young, builds a compelling economic argument for investing in America’s least wealthy consumers. During his speech at the Grammy Museum, Bryant will explain the history and psychology behind the three challenging factors that perpetuate poverty: lack of self-confidence and self-esteem; lack of positive role models; and lack of opportunity, and solutions to address these challenges.