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April 09 2014

Africa: FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative & Operation HOPE Co-Host Key 2014 World Bank Civil Society Forum

Washington, DC — Focus: New Technologies & Financial Literacy for Global At-Risk Communities

The FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative and Operation HOPE will co-host a Civil Society Workshop on Saturday, April 12, 2014, from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm under the auspices of the World Bank’s 2014 Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C. The joint session, entitled “Agile Innovation and Technology: Lessons From the Developing World,” is FEEEDS first co-hosting opportunity alongside the world renown NGO Operation HOPE, which leads the way on developing and implementing financial literacy programs and tools for at-risk communities world-wide.

The FEEEDS-Operation Hope session will bring together leading subject matter experts to highlight new technologies, which FEEEDS CEO Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders calls “agile,” and unique programs being used to address education and poverty, while Operation HOPE will highlight its ground-breaking financial literacy projects and tools from business in a box, to banking on our future. Co-Host, FEEEDS CEO Ambassador Robin Sanders, and Operation HOPE Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Jena Roscoe, will also provide key presentations on the role that young people can play in changing the world’s wealth inequalities. Ambassador Sanders will kick off the session with a presentation examining Africa’s Youth Bulge as an asset to economic development for the region, while Ms. Roscoe will present the latest financial literacy tools that Operation HOPE has launched to encourage entrepreneurship, and financial well-being for young people, particularly its 5117 project with the goal of changing the financial lives of 5 million at-risk youth.

Other speakers will highlight ways to better address development, best practices to overcome conflict, and the elements of leadership that are vital for progress in the 21st Century. This workshop, conducted under the auspices of the World Bank 2014 Spring meetings, is inspired by the work that all of the committed activists who focus on development and making the world a more inclusive place for everyone, particularly the next generation.

Other panelists include Bill Knapp, Manager African Technologies in Education – a FEEEDS Strategic Partner, Patricia McCants, Founder, African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Ditu Kasuyi, UFSC International, Advisory Board Chair & International President Emeritus, and James H. Parks, Founder, The Parksonian Institute & Advisor, SHADOKA.

About the Organizations:

The FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative focus on food security, education, environment, economic development, and self-help projects (The FEEEDS pillars), particularly in Africa, and also provides business solutions in this area. It supports a range of agricultural, educational, and affordable housing projects, and also provides business solutions in these areas. For more information on FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative see,

Operation HOPE hosts an annual Global Financial Dignity Summit, in November and welcomes global citizens focused on financial inclusion, dignity, and capability initiatives to attend see To learn more about Operation HOPE Initiatives, please review our website: