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December 19 2013

Operation HOPE Announces Relationship with Global Crisis Leader Witt O’Brien’s, LLC


The commitment will expand the services of our disaster preparedness and financial recovery division HOPE Coalition America


LOS ANGELES  December 19, 2013 – Financial dignity nonprofit Operation HOPE announced today new strategic alliance with global leader in preparedness, crisis management and disaster recovery Witt O'Brien's, LLC. The relationship, managed through the nonprofit’s division for financial and economic recovery HOPE Coalition America, will expand disaster preparedness programs, help develop tools and initiatives for financial recovery and bolster strategic relationships with government agencies formulate.   


“HOPE Coalition America is pleased to join forces with Witt O’Brien’s, LLC and looks forward to a collaborative to enhance disaster financial and economic recovery after disasters in American Cities.” HOPE Coalition America President Fred Smith said. “The depth of experience and capability to provide services across the emergency and disaster life cycle including expertise in preparedness, crisis management, and disaster response and recovery, provided by this alliance will help HOPE better meet the disaster recovery needs of communities nationwide.”

The relationship also will provide support activities for existing and new government relations with elected and appointed officials, increase community awareness and encourage residents to become better prepared, as well as work together to carry out respective objectives.  


“Witt O’Brien’s is pleased to work with Operation HOPE to add new approaches to the challenges in the crisis management and disaster recovery industry. Through our approach to combine extensive real world experience with innovative planning, training, exercise, and technology solutions, we will make a difference,” said Witt O’Brien’s Senior Vice President Barry Scanlon.


Witt O'Brien's is a global leader in preparedness, crisis management, and disaster response and recovery with the depth of experience and capability to provide services across the crisis and disaster life cycle. Witt O'Brien's is uniquely positioned to bring together policy architects and technical experts in public safety, with leaders from all levels of government and private sector partners to forge solutions to emergency management challenges. 


HCA is a collaboration of senior executives and professionals from the banking and financial services, insurance, and other industries. Additional participants include social service, and community services agencies, which provide financial and economic recovery information and guidance to individuals and small businesses affected by disasters. Formed in response to the terrorists attack on the World Trade Center, HCA is a result of a national partnership with the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, which focuses on pre and post disaster strategies for America’s economic recovery. Since its creation in 2001, HCA has assisted more than 400,000 individuals and families recover from disasters nationwide.