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November 07 2013

Operation HOPE Joins American Red Cross and Witt O’Brien’s for a Briefing Session on Hurricane Sandy One Year Later

WASHINGTON, DC – November 8, 2013 – Operation HOPE (HOPE) and its disaster financial preparedness and recovery arm HOPE Coalition America (HCA) joined Congressman Patrick Murphy, co-chair Congressional Disaster Relief Caucus, Richard Reed, senior vice president Disaster Cycle Services, American Red Cross and Barry Scanlon, senior vice president at Witt O’Brien’s for a briefing session in Washington, DC to reflect on the Hurricane Sandy, one year later. 

“We applaud Congressman Murphy for giving us the opportunity to bring awareness on this very important issue, said Operation HOPE Founder Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant. “For more than 20 years, Operation HOPE has been bringing awareness to financial literacy, and since 911, we’ve added financial preparedness and economic recovery, post disaster.  We are dedicated to building a more resilient America.” 

“Thank you to the American Red Cross, Operation HOPE, and Witt O’Brien’s for bringing attention to this crucial issue on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and for the work they do to prepare for and respond to natural disasters,” said Congressman Patrick E. Murphy.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Red Cross has been able to perform various recovery services, provide more than 74,000 overnight stays in shelters, distributing more than 7 million relief items, sharing nearly 113,000 health and mental health contacts, serving more than 17.5 million meals and snacks and mobilize more than 17,000 workers and volunteers. 

Through the support of  the American Red Cross, JPMorgan Chase, Allstate, Chubb Insurance, CoreLogic, Citi, Ares, UPS, New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund and the EDA, HCA has provided Disaster Financial Recovery Services to 26,000 individuals and small business recovering from Hurricane Sandy. The organization currently operates seven offices between New York and New Jersey and will continue to provide services through December 2014. 

Working in concert with FEMA, the American Red Cross Department of Commerce - EDA and National VOAD, HCA has provided recovery services to individuals and small businesses after 39 large disasters and over 100 small disasters. 

“Our experience tells us we must all help individuals to take actions to be better prepared before a disaster or emergency, said HCA President Fred D. Smith. “We want to help everyone recognize that individuals start making financial recovery decisions as soon as the disaster subsides. That’s when people need financial guidance, in week two – not two or three months after the disaster.”

The October 30th briefing took place in the Cannon House on Capitol Hill in a session targeting congressional members and their appointees.