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May 15 2013

Congresswoman Visits Financial Literacy Class Conducted by Alliant Credit Union


Operation HOPE youth economic education curriculum featured

Chicago-- May 9, 2013-- Jan Schakowsky, U.S. Representative for Illinois' 9th Congressional District, visited Algonquin Middle School in Des Plaines, IL on Wednesday, May 1st to observe a class on Checking and Savings accounts. The class is part of a five part-course curriculum called Banking on Our Future, which teaches the basics of banking and the importance of credit and investment. 
These financial literacy classes are taught by specially trained employee volunteers from Alliant Credit Union, which is headquartered nearby. The Congresswoman praised the concept of teaching youth about money matters.
The classes occur during each quarter of the school year for 8th graders at Algonquin and Chippewa Middle Schools in Des Plaines. Over the past several years, virtually every student attending public middle school in Des Plaines has taken them. The program was developed by Operation HOPE, a national organization that helps people succeed through financial literacy and economic empowerment.
As a former elementary school teacher, Representative Schakowsky has a strong commitment to education. "The future of our economy and the success of our country depend on a renewed commitment to public education," she said. The Congresswoman added, "Students with access to financial literacy classes through programs such as Banking on Our Future are provided an excellent opportunity that helps prepare them for financial success in life."
Plans for Representative Schakowsky to visit a Banking on Our Future class began earlier this year, after she had expressed interest in the program when discussing it with Alliant Credit Union Sr. Vice President of Corporate Affairs Lee Schafer. Mr. Schafer said, "We're delighted that Jan Schakowsky shares our commitment and enthusiasm for the cause of financial literacy, especially for young people who represent the future of our community and country.
Alliant President and CEO David Mooney added, "I'm so proud of our employees who teach these classes to provide students with knowledge that can be of great value to them in the future."
Mooney serves as Chairman for the Operation HOPE Midwestern Board.