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April 18 2013

Record Numbers Turn-out for FEMA Webinar


HOPE EFFAK highlighted as first defense for disaster financial preparedness during Financial Capability Month activity on April 9th

Washington, DC – April 18, 2013 – Financial literacy nonprofit Operation HOPE joined FEMA, U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC), U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau on April 9th to host a record audience nearing 1,000 participants, for the online financial literacy emergency preparedness webinar to recognize “Financial Capability Month” in April.  

The webinar: “Starting Early: Financial Preparation for Disasters and Emergencies” was part of a series of online tools designed to help America be ready of emergency, targeted financial literacy and preparedness and is available online here.

HOPE’s disaster financial recovery and preparedness division, HOPE Coalition America (HCA), led by President Fred D. Smith helped drive the dialogue. Assisted by long-time HOPE supporters, who shared experiences about Katrina recovery, Suzanne Mayo-Theus, Ph.D. Assistant Professor at Southern University at New Orleans Campus and Ira Thomas Chief of Police Southern University at New Orleans Campus Police Department, highlighted the benefits of using the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK).  

The webinar also focused on local tools, services and assistance available to individuals, faith-based and community based leaders, private sector organizations and emergency managers. Also presenting in the online event was:

·         Timothy Manning, Deputy Administrator, Protection and National Preparedness, FEMA

·         Susan Shockey, Ph.D., CFCS, CPFFE, USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture

·         Trish Olson, Ph.D., University of Minnesota Extension

·         Sara Croymans, MEd, AFC, University of Minnesota Extension

·         Becky Koch, North Dakota State University Extension Service

·         Cassandra McConnell, Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Financial Education at Consumer Financial

          Protection Bureau

HCA is able to offer assistance around disaster financial preparedness and recovery, through the support of financial supporters that include the American Red Cross, Allstate, Ares, JPMorgan Chase, and UPS. HOPE’s participation is also a result of an initiative through Citi to promote EFFAK trainings to help promote financial readiness for Americans.

To date HCA has assisted more than 300,000 individuals, families, and small business owners’ financial relief guidance and support services to individuals recovering from natural disaster. Over the last seven years, Core Logic-supported call-centers have helped HOPE deliver emergency recovery assistance, providing financial triage to victims across the country in more than 33 natural disasters, including Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, the 2007 California Wildfires, among others. More than 500,000 copies of the EFFAK and the Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide (PDPG) have been distributed since its creation in 2004, to better prepare individuals for disaster recovery.

If you did not have the opportunity to participate in the seminar last week, click onto the link to listen to one of the series recordings of this valuable and informative Community Preparedness Webinars.

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