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October 03 2012

Friends of HOPE Join for the Grand Opening of the New York City Office with Partner, Chubb & Son

Jim Clifton provides special remarks Gallup-HOPE Index initiative to measure entrepreneurial spirit of America’s youth

NEW YORK – Financial dignity nonprofit Operation HOPE invited partners, friends, and supporters to the Grand Opening of its new location, donated by property and casualty insurer, Chubb & Sons Insurance Company. Manhattan’s storied, 55 Water Street will become home to Operation HOPE’s latest New York City Office, the financial dignity leader announced today, the new space includes two offices and four cubicles, and will help the empowerment leader cement its presence in the Northeast region.

Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton will be on-hand to make special remarks on harnessing the economic energy of the next generation. The intriguing question is one of the themes for the foundation of Jim’s latest book, “The Coming Jobs Wars,” which decodes the secret to America keeping its competitive edge and remaining the world’s GDP leader.

Headlining the event along with Jim will be Peter J. Tucker, Senior Vice President, Regional Branch Manager, Chubb & Son; Mary Hagerty Ehrsam, HOPE president, Global Youth Empowerment Group CEO, New York Market; and John Hope Bryant HOPE founder chairman and chief executive officer.

The location will ground HOPE’s efforts to bring emerging markets to the attention of some of the world’s most important financial power bases in lower Manhattan’s financial district and expand the organization’s reach in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

HOPE’s footprint in New York already includes a HOPE Financial Literacy and Dignity Center (HOPE Center) in Harlem. Established in 2007, HOPE Center New York has trained more than 46,000 youth through Banking on Our Future and assisted more than 64,000 adults in financial empowerment, which includes home loans, business loans and technical assistance and computer usage.