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August 08 2012

Operation HOPE Expands Reach to Include Financial Inclusion Meetings Worldwide

Global sessions to culminate this November at the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit in Atlanta


LOS ANGELES – August 9, 2012 – Operation HOPE announced today the expansion of Local Financial Dignity & Inclusion Working Group Meetings to include government, community, faith, 

academia and private sector leaders of underserved communities around the world. Through HOPE’s technology, meetings will be recorded and included in the global Financial Dignity & Inclusion eLibrary to create a solution-based reservoir for financial dignity, financial inclusion and economic empowerment.

“Think globally, act locally is one of the guiding principles 

which promoted Operation HOPE to expand to Local Financial Dignity Inclusion Working Group Meetings to include underserved communities worldwide,” said HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant. “Against the backdrop of the current global economic crisis we believe that these meetings are an ideal opportunity to engage leaders and advocates from all levels and sectors of society. In a global economy anchored by the consumer, financial illiteracy becomes a real threat to our shared global prosperity, and understanding the ‘language of money’ is the first step to empowering the average person with the tools they need to both protect themselves and their families.”

The Local Financial Dignity & Inclusion Working Group Meetings, designed to be inclusive of a broad range of voices and perspectives across the U.S. and now internationally, from grassroots to corporate, government, academia and faith, are solution driven and will frame a positive future vision of how to make free enterprise and capitalism can work for all in a reset world.

The sessions for the international community are to begin in August. The most active and engaged local delegates will participate in the Summit deliberations, session leaders that organize a complete series will be formally recognized by the summit co-chairs at the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit. The final report with the results and findings are to be delivered to the President of the United States and G20 leaders by January 15th, 2013.

The innovation of these gatherings hinges around being able to capture, review and share the outcome from the discussions. Each meeting will be recorded and made available online to national organizers as solutions for economic problems at local levels across the globe.