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May 31 2012

Welcoming Operation HOPE’s Summer Fellows

Operation HOPE (HOPE) has enhanced its commitment to empowering youth with the inauguration of the HOPE Fellowship, Internship, and Loaned Executive Program (FILE).

The mission of FILE is to develop a new generation of young leaders committed to expanding financial empowerment and pursuing social justice. The Fellows and Interns will assist HOPE’s departments in furthering the growth of the financial dignity and silver rights movements across America, while acquiring skills and building social networks that will enhance their career growth and leadership potential.

Recently, HOPE recruited top students from across the country to participate in a 10 week intensive summer fellowship program. In just three short weeks HOPE received 565 applications from over 248 colleges and universities across the country and internationally.

These applicants are currently pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in over 125 diverse majors. After a rigorous and competitive selection process, HOPE selected ten highly-qualified fellows to join HOPE this summer. 

Generously funded by Lionel Savage, President of First American Community Fund, this intensive summer fellowship program places these 11

individuals in various departments of HOPE where they will work on specific projects to help improve HOPE programs.

In addition, these fellows will partake in extensive leadership development activities and workshops that will examine complex financial issues and will give the fellows access to a robust, nationwide network of industry experts.  

HOPE seeks to hone the unique skills and abilities of each participant through training, mentorship, and hands-on experience. HOPE will also provide opportunities for networking, exploration of new career fields, and the opening of strategic pipelines to work towards the pursuit of global change. Overall, HOPE places the training of the fellows among the organization’s highest objectives.

At the end of the program, HOPE will have enhanced programming across all portfolios, and each HOPE Summer Fellow will leave with a new advanced skill-set and professional network that will undoubtedly help them succeed in their future career paths.

Please help the HOPE staff in welcoming this year’s highly qualified summer fellows:

  1. Bryan Bonseok Koo, Georgetown University, Gallup-HOPE Index Fellow
  2. Sandy Chan, New York University, HOPE Global Money Fellow
  3. Ann Li, University of Southern California, HOPE Operations Fellow
  4. Saige Martin, Hawaii University, HOPE Corps Fellow
  5. Alaina Reaves, Georgia State University, HOPE Legislative Aide Fellow
  6. Christian Robinson, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University, Legislative Aide Fellow
  7. Whitney Robinson, University of California, HOPE 700 Credit Score Fellow
  8. Sherry Tao, University of California, HOPE Forum Fellow
  9. Tammer Weems, Kennesaw State University, HOPE Business in a Box Fellow
  10. Mira Weller, Georgetown University, HOPE Web and Social Media Fellow
  11. Katherine Trujillo, University of California, HOPE Global Initiatives Fellow

From March 10th to March 31st Operation HOPE (HOPE) began recruiting undergraduate and graduate students across the country and around the world for 16 Fellowship positions. Introducing a new era at HOPE that will focus on developing the next generation of leaders, HOPE sought out the top candidates from over 248 colleges and universities. In the three week period, HOPE received over 400 applications from individuals pursuing careers in diverse fields (over 125 different degrees). HOPE managers are now systematically reviewing applicants from a pool of students that are passionate about economic and social justice.


HOPE Fellows will either be graduate students or undergraduate students (who have completed their junior year) and will possess specialized skills and interests that will assist HOPE managers in a specific department. These Fellows will work to complete and implement a major HOPE project over the course of a one-year fellowship. These future leaders will have a minimum GPA of 3.0 from an accredited university and their academic concentration will align with the needs of the HOPE department which they are applying to join. The HOPE Fellowship program will foster the development of dedicated advocates for financial dignity empowerment. HOPE is committed to giving the Fellows a unique and rewarding experience through special mentoring and leadership development programs.

HOPE has set an internal goal of training 20 Fellows annually. HOPE Fellows will receive a $1,000 per month stipend for a minimum 20 hour per week commitment and will be required to write a 30page paper about their experiences. HOPE Fellows will be allowed to renew their position for an additional year. All current fellowship opportunities can be found at


HOPE Fellows will take part in extensive leadership development activities and workshops that will examine complex financial issues. HOPE seeks to further hone the unique abilities of each participant through mentoring and hands-on experience. HOPE will also provide opportunities for networking and exploration of new career paths to assist the Fellows in working to pursue global change. HOPE Fellows will be fully integrated into HOPE’s staff and will participate actively in the development, planning, and implementation of HOPE projects. The Fellows will interact with and learn from a robust network of contemporary financial leaders across the country as part of their training. Each fellow will be partnered with a HOPE Director who is experienced in both the financial and non-profit worlds committed to passing along significant knowledge and skills. All Fellows will leave HOPE with an advanced skill set and a network of peers to help them excel in their future careers.


HOPE Fellows will be asked to complete a main project assignment, deliver an oral presentation(s), participate in mentoring and leadership trainings, attend site visits and meetings with community, government and corporate leaders, and work on direct organizing and advocacy with HOPE constituents. The focus of the program is on leadership development, with more than 25% of each Fellow’s time allocated to enhancing these skills. The Fellow’s project will be clearly outlined, featuring an articulated vision and a list of goals and outputs. The Fellowship experience will cultivate the capacity for young leaders to work in teams, build coalitions, lobby and frame issues, develop advocacy and communication strategies and research and analyze policy.


HOPE Interns will be dedicated, high-achieving undergraduate students who will assist in the growth of financial dignity empowerment nationwide. HOPE Interns will work part time during the school year (August to May) helping HOPE departments with specific programmatic objectives. HOPE Interns will have a minimum GPA of 3.0 from an accredited university and will be enrolled in a major aligned with the needs of the HOPE department for which they are applying. All current Internship opportunities can be found at

HOPE will recruit and train 40 interns annually. HOPE Interns will be interviewed and selected by HOPE managers. HOPE will work with schools to ensure that interns receive college credit when appropriate. Each Intern must prepare a testimonial about their experience at the end of their internship.


HOPE seeks to hone the unique skills and abilities of each participant through training, mentorship and hands-on experience. Interns will receive opportunities to network, explore new career fields and work to pursue global change, while participating in the planning, and implementation of HOPE projects.


HOPE Fellowship applicants must submit a resume and personal statement and prove they are enrolled in a required major and/or have a skill set relevant to the fellowship for which they are applying. HOPE Fellow candidates will be interviewed by the manager in the department to which they have applied, and will then be interviewed by a senior HOPE manager. HOPE Internship applicants must submit a resume and personal statement and will be selected directly by the manager in the department to which they have applied.