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October 26 2011

Ketchum Family Commits $20,000 to Fuel New Gallup-HOPE Index Local Study

Personal contribution by Rick and Mary Beth Ketchum paves way for other individual donors

DALLAS--Rick and Mary Beth Ketchum’s $20,000 contribution to Operation HOPE, the leader in economic empowerment and financial dignity, will help fuel a study with global research-based consultancy, Gallup, Inc that will gauge the entrepreneurial aspirations and energy that could help drive future job creation in America and is based on the Banking on Our Future curriculum.

The Ketchum contribution will focus on students in the Dallas Independent School system and support HOPE’s Office of Innovation, Research and Assessment.
“We will never succeed in addressing our equity or global competitiveness challenges until we provide our youth of all economic backgrounds with the knowledge, tools and will to succeed,” shared Mr. Ketchum, who serves as the chairman and CEO of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
Through a series of interviews with students, parents and teacher, indirect and direct observation, this 6 to 9 month in-school study will offer a Findings Report to stakeholders which will include recommendations for future research and success for youth, as well as the impact to student conduct, absenteeism and grades, among other outcomes.
“We appreciate Rick and Mary Beth Ketchum for recognizing the importance of the Gallup-HOPE Index. We hope their giving spirit will also attract other individuals to support the Index, as well as other initiatives of Operation HOPE,” said William Hanna, HOPE National Board member and Audit Committee Chair.
Taking a huge step forward in leveraging the measurement of the Gallup-HOPE Index with the Banking on Our Future program and Action Research principles - the Ketchum’s contribution is funding a study that will enhance the outcomes and learning’s of youth success.
For the next 100 years, Gallup and HOPE will work together to identify wellbeing, engagement, hope and economic energy in American students. The Gallup-HOPE Index will poll students nationwide, which will help educators factor in the voices of students when tailoring education curriculum and determining schooling interventions. Ultimately, this study stands to become one of most powerful initial forecasts for the nation’s GNP, job growth, and role in the world.  
“Given the current slow pace of the U.S. economic recovery and persistent unemployment and underemployment rates, developing the entrepreneurial attitudes and experience of our youth is critical to helping them grow up to be productive workers who ultimately help to create jobs,” said HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant.