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March 08 2011

HOPE Coalition America Director Jason Yancey promoted, becomes combined Director of HCA and Director of Consumer Financial Protection

HOPE Coalition America Director Jason Yancey promoted, becomes combined Director of HCA and Director of Consumer Financial Protection

Los Angeles – March 8, 2011 – Operation HOPE, Inc. (HOPE) President Bill Walbrecher announced today the creation of the HOPE Consumer Financial Protection Department and appointed HOPE’s Director of HOPE Coalition America Jason Yancey to the newly created post of Director of Consumer Financial Protection. Yancey, who has extensive experience working in the banking and financial services industry, will continue to serve as the Director of HOPE Coalition America.

The declaration comes during National Consumer Protection week and is designed to support the efforts of Professor Elizabeth Warren, Assistant to President Obama and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Yancey will serve HOPE

“Jason has been an integral part of the HOPE team and his work in directing HOPE Coalition America has been unprecedented,” said Walbrecher. “I am excited to make consumer financial protection a focus at HOPE and I have the utmost confidence that under Jason’s leadership, we will continue to provide our clients with a hand-up not a hand out.”

Yancey joined HOPE in 2008, is a fully certified foreclosure prevention and credit counselor, and is certified as a Foreclosure Intervention and Default Counselor by NeighborWorks –the nation’s preeminent leader in affordable housing and community development. His background includes work as a loan officer at Ameriquest Mortgage, and management experience at Equity One Lending. A native of Columbia, Maryland, Yancey completed his bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Sociology at the University of Maryland College Park.

The HOPE Department of Consumer Protection was created in part to support Professor Warren in her newly appointed role with the Obama Administration. The newly created department will focus on leveling the playing field by making the consumer credit markets fair, transparent, and competitive – and making them work for American families.

By making financial literacy a priority in low-wealth areas, HOPE has successfully led the way to bringing “silver rights” and financial literacy onto the national stage. Through their social advocacy work, HOPE and their Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant, have been a voice for the underserved and under-resourced globally since 1992. Their efforts have been recognized by five U.S. Presidents, including President Obama, where Bryant currently serves on the U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability.

Coming to the aid of Americans hit by the mortgage crisis in 2007, HOPE Coalition America, started the Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline, Since then, under the leadership of Yancey, the team has received over 114,000 calls for assistance, provided guidance and assistance to thousands of individuals, provided foreclosure prevention education and counseling to over 20,000 homeowners in crisis and delayed or modified over $400 million in mortgage loans which has resulted in preventing over 1,358 homeowners from losing their home to foreclosure.