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January 17 2011

Work to Empower Individuals and Communities Brings Numerous Honors to Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant

Los Angeles – January 17, 2011 – Advocating for the needs of under-resourced individuals and actively promoting the importance of financial literacy and economic empowerment for youth and adults, John Hope Bryant received numerous recognitions for his work in 2010.

“Bringing financial awareness and education to underserved areas is what we do,”   said John Bryant, who currently serves on the U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability. “With many people still feeling the effects of the global economic crisis, teaching people to do more with the money they make is paramount in our recovery as we strive to move forward.”

Highlights of some of these acknowledgements include:

•    Andrew Goodman Foundation "Hidden Heroes" award. Named after Andrew Goodman, a young Freedom Fighter who was murdered by racists while helping African Americans register to vote during the Civil Rights Movement. This award recognizes Bryant for this efforts to lead a Silver Rights Movement to empower the underserved both in the U.S. and around the world.

•    The Root Top 100 for 2010. The Root 100 recognized Bryant for his leadership with a list that included emerging and established African-American leaders celebrating leadership, creativity, service, and above all, excellence.

•    Booker Rising, an organization honoring the legacy of Booker T. Washington, named Bryant as a top international black leader as part of their top 25 for 2010 list.

•    2010 Heroes for Newsmax Magazine. Bryant was recognized amongst former President Bill Clinton and former President George W. Bush as one of their Heroes for 2010.

•    "Surviving and Thriving."  -- Featured along with HOPE as one of the 365 essential Black Economic History Facts in Dr. Julianne Malveaux's book.

•    Listed as top 25 bestselling business books for the 12th time for LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (Jossey-Bass) by Inc. Magazine 800-CEO-READ.

•    LOVE LEADERSHIP has been the focus of discussions at the Fifth Financial Literary Week and Military High Command meetings in Uganda, the Asia Society in Hong Kong, the Penn Club in Beijing, the Roland Berger Strategy Challenge Club Meeting in Sweden, the FORTUNE/TIME/CNN Global Forum in South Africa, the World Economic Forum regional meeting in Tanzania, and the international OECD Forum in Paris.

HOPE, by shouldering the responsibility of providing underserved communities with financial literacy, economic access and empowerment services provides individuals, families and communities with the practical financial literacy tools and resources they need to improve the quality of their lives. For more information visit