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September 29 2010

Operation HOPE Celebrates the First Year Anniversary of FIVE MILLION KIDS at Bret Harte Middle School

Quincy Jones Banking on Our Future Celebrity Edition and 5MK national pledge campaign announced

Los Angeles – September 29, 2010 – Financial literacy empowerment nonprofit Operation HOPE (HOPE) celebrated the first year anniversary of the FIVE MILLION KIDS Initiative (5MK) at Bred Harte Middle Preparatory Middle School today in central Los Angeles. The event, aimed at helping break the rising rates of youth dropping out of high school in America, also educated the students in financial literacy through HOPE’s award-winning Banking on Our Future (BOOF) program.  

“Allowing students to see that their education has a practical value can inspire them to stay in school for the long term,” said Operation HOPE’s First Senior Vice President and Global Chief of Financial Literacy Mary L. Hagerty. “Teaching them the ‘language of money’ and showing them that education can make a difference in their lives is what 5MK is all about.”

On the heels of successfully educating over 500,000 youth in financial literacy, HOPE announced the creation of the Quincy Jones Banking on Our Future Celebrity Edition. The curriculum was especially designed to incorporate the traditional BOOF curriculum and weave into it the inspiring story of 5MK National co-chair, and the multi-Grammy award-winning music icon’s personal story from growing up on Chicago’s South Side to producing some of the recording industry’s most influential albums.

As well, HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant will headline the 5MK Make Smart Sexy Tour which expects to bring the message of financial literacy, personal empowerment and the value education to schools in several major cities across the country early next year.

Through 5MK, a national pledge campaign will be created so that organizations can come together on a united front and work together to inspire our youth to invest in their future. Through this pledge, organizations and individuals will have the ability make a personal commitment to making a difference in their community, and will have the ability to interact with others across the country striving to make a difference in the lives of youth.