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January 01 2010

IRS Commissioner Richard E. Byrd, Jr. Tours Los Angeles HOPE Center

Visit expects to promote collaboration between HOPE and IRS staff and partners

LOS ANGELES – September 13, 2010
– Financial literacy and economic empowerment nonprofit Operation HOPE welcomed IRS Commissioner Richard E. Byrd, Jr. to the Los Angeles HOPE Center located in Baldwin Hills.

As a part of the visit, Byrd thanked HOPE Center staff including HOPE Executive Vice President Lance Triggs, Area Vice President Eric Clay, Vice President Dora Colbert and Vice President of Administration and Program Development Ivette Gonzalez for HOPE’s ongoing and continued effort to promote the awareness and aid low-income individuals and families to secure the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

“The far-reaching goal of our HOPE Centers is to give individuals a hand in securing their financial future, through education, awareness and empowerment,” said HOPE VP Ivette Gonzalez.

Byrd’s visit gave him first-hand knowledge on just exactly how the HOPE Centers empower communities and a better understanding on how the IRS and Operation HOPE can collaborate to promote these services that benefit Americans.
The Earned Income Tax Credit is a government program that gives low-income Americans a tax credit that can put money back into the pockets of low-income individuals. HOPE has helped those eligible for the program gain awareness of the EITC through workshops, tax preparation and integrate the use of tax refunds as part of an overall asset-building strategy since 2006.

Richard E. Byrd, Jr. serves as the commissioner of the Wage and Investment Division and oversees the administration of tax laws governing individual wage earners in the United States. W&I serves approximately 122 million customers accounting for 94 million tax returns.


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