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January 01 2010

Operation HOPE Announces the Appointment of Landon V. Taylor as Senior Advisor to the Newly Created Operation HOPE Office of Innovation, Research and Assessment

Taylor to lead the launch of the Gallup-Operation HOPE partnership and assist in development of the Operation HOPE Office of Innovation, Research and Assessment

New York, New York – July 6, 2010
– Operation HOPE (HOPE) President Bill Walbrecher announced the appointment of Landon Taylor as Senior Advisor to the HOPE Office of Innovation, Research and Assessment. Taylor’s appointment will guide HOPE’s newest department in tracking the success of current programs, contribute to the development of the new Gallup-HOPE Financial Literacy Index and analyze the impact of HOPE programs and services on youth, adults and the community at large.

"The creation of the Gallup-HOPE Index demonstrates our commitment toward cutting edge solutions," said Operation HOPE President and COO Bill Walbrecher. "Having Landon Taylor on board will allow Operation HOPE to stay ahead of the curve, overcome challenges and support more people in the community."

As a senior advisor, Taylor will provide the newest HOPE department with direction and will aid in the development of this office as it will also serve as a benchmark for innovation within HOPE itself. Taylor, who will work closely with the Office of the Chairman and through the Office of Innovation, Research and Assessment, will focus his initial efforts on the launch of the Gallup/HOPE partnership.  

“Taking on this advisory role is a challenge I’m looking forward to. I am confident that my work will allow Operation HOPE to continue to provide leading empowerment services to underserved communities,” said Landon Taylor. “HOPE works to create real change in the lives of real people. Making our financial system work for them is the embodiment of the Silver Rights Movement.”

Landon Taylor is currently the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the New Paradigm Broadcasting Network, a transformative marketing and new media company. Prior to founding NPBN, he worked as a Fortune 300 corporate officer for The First American Corporation and as President-Strategic Markets Division for the corporation’s largest subsidiary, First American Title Insurance Company.  Taylor’s involvement with HOPE dates back several years to the early days of the organization. In 2006, he was honored for his emergency economic “silver rights” response to Hurricane Katrina through HOPE Coalition America and led the effort at First American to fund the establishment of the virtual HOPE Center in Poway CA, which to date has served 50,000 Katrina victims and now operates as the Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline, which has registered nearly 15,000 troubled homeowners and modified over $350 million in loans to over 1,100 homeowners in foreclosure crisis. In 2006, Taylor was recognized as the HOPE Southwestern Board Member of the Year.

Taylor will collaborate with former Federal Reserve economist Meredith Walker, who serves as economist and director of the HOPE Office of Innovation, Research and Assessment. “Landon Taylor motivates with positivity, leads with integrity and achieves right results. His contribution to this new office will be greatly valued, and all HOPE portfolios will benefit from his example and insightful expertise,” observes Walker.

The office will work to track the impact of HOPE's youth and adult financial literacy portfolios including; Banking on Our Future, HOPE Financial Literacy Empowerment Centers, HOPE Coalition America, HOPE Corps, HOPE Advisors, HOPE Forums and HOPE Global Initiatives, as well as FIVE MILLION KIDS (5MK).

In addition, efforts will include the implementation of two significant agreements HOPE signed with Gallup and the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR). The Gallup-HOPE Financial Literacy Index is the first of its kind and will measure youth's relationship to financial literacy, how they envision their future and provide them with targeted, impactful training so that they ultimately achieve their aspired financial goals.

Operation HOPE’s five year agreement with the Financial Services Roundtable demonstrates the financial services industry’s commitment to financial literacy. This contract between FSR and HOPE is paramount in having the financial community encourage and promote financial literacy and empowerment programs like the one’s HOPE offers and moves to involve more financial services companies in serving and supporting underserved communities through regional development and empowerment services.  

The new Operation HOPE Office of Innovation, Research and Assessment is based in New York and will focus on providing research and evaluation, analyses and consultation to promote continuous improvement of the entire portfolio of HOPE programs and services globally.

About Operation HOPE, Inc.   
Founded in 1992, Operation HOPE is a Los Angeles-based global nonprofit and social investment organization providing financial literacy, credit counseling and management, computer training, lending services and inspiration to the economically disadvantaged. Operation HOPE has assumed the responsibility of piloting the Silver Rights Movement towards making free enterprise and capitalism relevant to all underserved communities. With more than 400 private sector partners, 3500 nonprofit organizations and schools, and 100 government partners in 70 major U.S. cities and seven provinces in South Africa, HOPE has raised more than $500 million in its pursuit of educating, assisting and inspiring the next generation of global stakeholders in financial literacy, economic empowerment and silver rights.