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January 01 2010

Operation HOPE Founder Makes a Statement on the Passing of Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks, NAACP Leader and Social Justice Defender

MEMPHIS, TN – (April 15, 2010) – I worked with Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks on an initiative a few years back. He was supportive of Operation HOPE, and I of him. Today, I am deeply saddened to learn of his passing. Dr. Hooks was one of the NAACP's most dynamic leaders and one of America’s greatest civil rights champions.

Because of his profound goodness, he served not just African Americans, but all Americans. Because of him minorities gained a foothold in media leadership, when he opened the door as the first African American Federal Communications Commission regulator. Because of him people found God when he preached Sunday service from Greater Middle Baptist Church in Memphis. Because of him minorities found justice, when he presided as the first black criminal court judge in Tennessee history. Because of him another generation was empowered when he served as adjunct professor at the University of Memphis. And it is because of him and his unfaltering commitment to his fellow man, we are a richer nation and a better people. --- John Hope Bryant, Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO