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February 12 2014

HOPE Stakeholder Report: Empowering the Silver Rights Movement

On 13 November 2013 Operation HOPE (HOPE) met with our stakeholders at the HOPE Financial Dignity Center at Ebenezer in Atlanta. In order to continue to strengthen our programs we asked for feedback from our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include funding partners, volunteer partners, educators, individual volunteers, clients, students and community members. The HOPE Stakeholder Meeting gave us the opportunity to convene this impressive group of individuals for the sole purpose of strengthening our programs so more individuals can gain financial dignity.

Below you will find the main points/issues discussed in the Empowering the Silver Rights Movement breakout session focused on volunteerism. We will post the discussions from the other breakout sessions in the coming weeks. HOPE will use this information to continue to strengthen our programs.

Session Chairs

Barbie Palmer

Vice President, Senior Operations Manager, Bank of America

Khaleel Garcia

Vice President, Operations Manager, Bank of America

Vernelle Ethridge

Vice President, Tech Manager, Bank of America


  • Communication with volunteers is key
  • Need to be careful not to clutter with too many emails, but communicate all volunteer opportunities
  • Find additional means of communication other than email to best communicate with volunteers
    • Video on demand feature at BofA could be a great channel
    • Find similar communication channels with Volunteer Partners

Volunteer Recognition

  • Recognition events at the national and local level will really help with retention
  • Identify and recognize a volunteer of the year
  • Recognize volunteers in different categories (most improved, most inspiring, etc.)
  • Create additional incentives for volunteers
  • Recognition does not need to be expensive or elaborate
  • Simply having John Bryant recognize a volunteer would be great or have the CEO of the company recognize the volunteer

 Utilize the Strength of the Volunteer

  • Utilize the strength of your volunteers even if they are not presenters
  • Conduct a needs assessment with the Volunteer Partner so they know how to promote the various volunteer opportunities
  • Show what is in it for the volunteers (professional development, etc.)

Value of Volunteer Time

  • HOPE calculates the Value of Volunteer Time for each volunteer partnerI
    • In-kind value of volunteer hours to HOPE
  • Need to do more to promote this through letters, blogs, reports
  • Need to work this into each quarterly report provided to partners
  • Powerful to show the dollar amount tied to volunteer time

Please keep these great suggestions coming. To provide your ideas on ways to improve HOPE programs click on the following link and fill out the short survey. Thank you.