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HOPE Inside is a financial empowerment program of Operation HOPE that provides free credit & money management, homeownership & small business counseling. We are inside bank branches, grocery stores, city offices, colleges, police departments - bringing our programs to everyone. HOPE Inside locations are part of the adult empowerment programs under Project 5117, HOPE's four-pronged approach to combating economic inequality.

HOPE Inside is a viable and sustainable business model for future HOPE Centers nationwide. This innovative and cost-efficient strategy will allow HOPE to serve more people in more places by bringing financial empowerment and financial dignity to locations they already frequent, such as their bank, college, or grocery store.  By partnering with financial institutions, colleges and universities, retail stores, supermarkets, local municipalities, community-based organizations and shopping centers, HOPE Inside will attract more customers and members who want to take care of their shopping, banking, higher education or other service needs and meet with HOPE counselors for their personal financial needs, all in one location.

Between 2004 and 2012, six HOPE Inside models with partners Bank of the West (Oakland, CA), Union Bank (two locations in Los Angeles, CA), US Bank (Los Angeles, CA), the City of Miami, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Historical Site (Atlanta, GA), provided financial empowerment to over 135,000 customers.

To achieve the goal of increasing credit scores to the bankable level of 700, our strategy envisions the deployment of more than 1,000 first ever bottom-up branches (empowerment centers) throughout America. “HOPE Inside Plus” are licensed branches with trained and certified bank employees who will deliver HOPE services.  This plan is consistent with the long-term growth strategies of top regional and money-center banks, progressive colleges and universities and appreciates the under-utilized, 100,000 unit branch banking network across America. For information on how to bring a HOPE Inside location to your branch or college, contact Operation HOPE at (213) 891-2900