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Since 1993, HOPE has been ringing the bell and advancing the importance of financial literacy onto the national stage.  Understanding that low-income communities are especially vulnerable to financial downturns, HOPE seeks to stabilize and secure the financial future of susceptible communities.  With the global impact of the economic crisis affecting poor and middle class families, HOPE’s work to help people do more with the money they make is more relevant than ever.  

Leaders from the global, national, local and regional government come together at HOPE Forums with private, corporate, community, and academic sectors to help America and the world discover sustainable solutions to our economic challenges at this critically important time. Sharing best practices and speaking on financial literacy and economic empowerment issues from business, legislative and educational perspectives, HOPE Forums seek to encourage discussion and provide insight into an ever-changing industry. 

HOPE Forums combine targeted keynote remarks that provide a vision for the future, global leadership town hall sessions that encourage strategic thinking and plenary sessions that focus on tangible and tactical actions that can make an impact. 

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Kevin E. Boucher
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