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Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America) meeting convenes business, government, and civil society leaders to turn ideas into action. CGI America Commitments to Action are developed to boost economic recovery and the long-term competitiveness of the United States and are implemented through new methods of partnership, designed to maximize impact. Commitments can be small or large, global or local. No matter the size or scope, commitments help CGI America commitment makers translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results.

Members of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), work to bring together leaders from the business, government, and civil society sectors to develop solutions for economic growth, long-term competitiveness, and social mobility.

To date, CGI members have made more than 2,500 commitments, which are already improving the lives of more than 430 million people in over 180 countries. When fully funded and implemented, these commitments will be valued at $87.9 billion.  Operation HOPE is proud to be a member of CGI, since its establishment in 2005.

This year, HOPE has created a CGI Commitment to Action.  Leveraging our Project 5117 commitment, we are rallying our fellow Americans to join us in scaling up our vision and our impact. Through Project 5117, which operates at the level of national scale, and measurable local impact -- community-by-community and across the country -- we are now injecting into society a pragmatic and tangible plan of action. Everyone, starting with you, (individuals, schools, NGO’s, as well as the private and public sector) can play a meaningful role in showing your support for America, through our Operation HOPE commitment.

By June 2014, Operation HOPE commits to:

  • Secure pledges from 7 school districts across the U.S. to roll out the Gallup HOPE Index to their students and participate in Project 5117.
  • Engage 100 schools to become HOPE Business in a Box Academies, working towards the Project 5117 goal of reaching five million kids with financial literacy and HBIAB entrepreneurship programs.
  • Recruit and train 5,000 HBIAB business role models.
  • Recruit, train and deploy 1,000 financial inclusion volunteers.
  • Gain commitments for 25 new HOPE Inside locations.
  • Partner with 25 community based organizations that can implement and further the work of HOPE's 700 Credit Score community program. 

Show your support for America, through our Operation HOPE commitment, by submitting your pledge to Project 5117 today.