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Barry W. Scanlon
Senior Vice President
DCMC Partners

Mid-Atlantic Board Member: October 2013 - May 2017
HOPE Coalition America Advisory Board Member Since: January 2014

Mr. Scanlon counsels clients on public safety and crisis management issues. Mr. Scanlon was a Co-Founder of Witt Associates with James Lee Witt, FEMA Director for President Clinton from 1993-2001.  During  Mr. Scanlon’s tenure at  FEMA, he created, developed, and implemented Project Impact, a $100 million joint public/private sector initiative in 250 communities throughout the United States designed to encourage disaster prevention and preparedness.  Mr. Scanlon  was later appointed by President Clinton to be Director of Corporate Affairs for FEMA and was the primary partnership leader at FEMA working with the public, private, and non-profit sectors.  Prior to joining FEMA, Mr. Scanlon served as Professional Staff Member on the US House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Finance. Mr. Scanlon is a graduate of The George Washington University and resides in Alexandria, VA with his wife Lisa and their three children.