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Dirk Hoke
Chief Executive Officer, Industry Sector, Customer Services Division
Siemens AG

International Advisory Board Member Since: July 2012

After working at Renault in Paris, Dirk joined Siemens 1996, holding different regional and headquarters management positions. Dirk lived in Germany, Argentina, Austria, US, China and Morocco, speaking German, English, French and Spanish fluently. From 2002-05, Dirk was the General Manager for the Transrapid Propulsion and Power Supply business, successfully putting the Maglev Train in Shanghai into operation; from 2005-08, during his time as President of the Transportation Systems Group in China, Siemens became the leading foreign railways supplier. In 2009 Dirk became the first CEO of Siemens Africa, where he developed and implemented the company’s first continental growth strategy and business development program. Dirk was nominated a "Young Global Leader (YGL)" in 2010 by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Since 2011, Dirk is - as the youngest Division CEO within Siemens - responsible for the global business of the division Industry Customer Services. His focus lies on supporting industrial customers to stay competitive and successful in view of rising cost pressures, growing energy costs, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Today, Dirk and his family enjoy living in Southern Germany after extensive relocation across the continents.