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Mark Lewis
Louisiana Technology Council

New Orleans Board Member: April 2012 - November 2012

Mark received his BS degree in Finance from Boston College and an MBA in Marketing from Tulane. He worked for 13 years with IBM, before leaving in1994 as a territory manager to help form Communiqué, a New Orleans based Internet Service Provider   As President, Communiqué quickly became the region’s largest regional ISP building a client based of over 10,000 users. In late 1997 Communiqué was sold to a national provider.  A year later he formed a marketing company which quickly merged with two other technology companies to form a full service networking and internet company called Orange Twine.  Mark oversaw the complete operations of the company and in November of 2000, Orange Twine was chosen by the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce as the Rising Tide Small Business of the Year in Technology.  In October of 2002, Mark assumed the role of President of the Louisiana Technology Council (LTC) to assist with the economic development of the technology industry Statewide by providing events programs, support and other value added services to the community and its membership.  In November of 2005, Mark was selected by the Governor’s office as Technology Leader of the Year for the State of Louisiana for his contributions and leadership in the technology industry.  

The LTC provides about 60+ events and programs a year for the technology and business community and his leadership has allowed the LTC to grow its membership from 117 to over 260+ member companies today.  His mission is to help make Louisiana Tech Capital of the South©.