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DeLise Bernard
Special Assistant to the President
Beyond Excellence: Expert Health Solutions

Mid-Atlantic Board Member: April 2006 - July 2013

DeLise Bernard serves as Special Assistant to the President for Beyond Excellence with six years of business development and community affairs experience in the public and private sector. Prior to co-founding Beyond Excellence, Mrs. Bernard served in multiple capacities at Operation HOPE where she successfully replicated their California-based model in the new Mid-Atlantic market, setting the organizational standard for national expansion. Through her and her team’s efforts they converted check cashing customers into banking customers; renters into homeowners; small business dreamers into small business owners; and minimum wage workers into living wage workers with 21st century job skills, resulting in over 3500 youth and adults educated and over $3.5M in mortgage and small business loan approvals. An expert relationship manager, she has developed and maintained strategic alliances with many of the top financial institutions, trade associations and government agencies in the country.

Prior to joining Operation HOPE, Mrs. Bernard was an appointee in the Executive Office of Mayor Anthony A. Williams in Washington, DC where her areas of emphasis included adult and family literacy, voting rights, gentrification and citywide strategic planning.

Mrs. Bernard earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Biology with a concentration on “Health Issues Facing Urban Communities” from Stanford University in 1998. In 1999, she completed her master’s degree in Sociology from Stanford as well, with a double focus in Social Stratification and Inequality and Political and Comparative-Historical Sociology.