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Michael Griffin
Chief Executive Officer

South Africa Board Member: April 2016 - May 2017

Michael Griffin loves a challenge and from starting his first business fresh from matric in 1997 he’s never looked back.  Starting in the world of telecommunications Michael has created a string of successful businesses, including LGI Motorola Intelligence Centre, the largest repair facility for Motorola through Europe, Middle East and Africa.  From there he branched into the world of satellite communications with Global Com and Ashbury Satcom.

From here it was a short hop to starting Reconnect Mobile for Nokia South Africa offering a repair service and a 100 plus strong dealer network across Southern Africa. By his thirty’s he had diversified his business portfolio into acquiring shares in 2BaldMen, a customised software business solutions and services company, and by buying Carnelian Management service, a specialist Consulting House, supplying highly specialised people as consultants in training and consulting across the telecommunication, IT and financial worlds

This philosophy and dedication lead up to one of his greatest passions – Porsche Design.  After falling in love with a pair of Porsche Design shoes Michael found himself in Germany signing for the rights to the Porsche Design agency for South Africa.  With the setup up of the first flagship store on the African Continent in Hyde Park Mall in December 2011 Michael has had great exposure to the luxury lifestyle retail market in Africa. The engineered quality of Porsche Design sets it apart from anything else South Africa has seen.  It’s more than image – it’s a reflection on your outlook on the world.”

After supporting and developing international brands across Africa, Michael has commenced his very exciting journey of creating his own global brand in the form of ADDaBIT. It was time to challenge the traditional way of thinking when it comes to the money we spend, time to send out an idea to change this behaviour. He decided to build a Simple Social Saving financial platform to challenge the current banking world, with zero cost banking and an innovative revenue model. Where people can visually share their dreams and aspiration and allow their friends and family to contribute for special occasions.