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William Hanna
Managing Director
Jacobs Capital Group, LLC

Global Board Member: August 1995 - September 2014
Executive Committee Member
Executive Compensation and Benefits Committee Member
Audit Committee Chair

William Hanna is a Managing Director with Jacobs Capital Group. He brings extensive experience and expertise in the financial and investment industries to the team. 

Mr. Hanna is the Founding President and Director of Cedars Bank. Under his tenure, the Bank grew from $6 million of assets to over $500 million and achieved consistent profitability in each year.  

Prior to founding Cedars Bank, he was Senior Vice President, Credit of Bank Audi USA where he had been hired by the Audi Group of Banks to open the Bank in California.  He also served as Vice President of the Corporate Finance Department at Smith Barney & Co. and as Director of Smith Barney International.  

Mr. Hanna is active in a number of industry and civic organizations including the Southern California Business Development Corporation, the Los Angeles Community Financial Resource Center, the American Arab Educational Foundation, the National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce, the United Way, Boy Scouts of America, St. Luke Medical Center, and The Corporation Council of CEOs. 

William Hanna was awarded a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard University and received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He is proficient in four languages: English, French, Arabic, and Japanese.