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Dr. Cheryl Allen – HOPE Faculty Fellow in Accounting
Dr. Allen is Professor of Accounting and the Associate Dean of the Division of Business Administration and Economics at Morehouse College. Her research interest is in Accounting Education and Pedagogy, Accounting Policy, and Accounting History.
Dr. Robynn Cox – Hope Faculty Fellow in Economics
Dr. Cox is an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at Spelman College. Her teaching and research interests include Econometrics, Economics of Crime, Health Economics, Public Finance, Urban Economics, and Labor Economics. Dr. Cox currently teaches Econometrics, the Economics of Crime, and courses in Principles. Her research is concerned with the social consequences (economic, political, health, etc.) of mass incarceration.
Dr. Keith Hollingsworth – HOPE Faculty Fellow in Management
Dr. Hollingsworth is Chair and Associate Professor of Management in the Department of Business Administration at Morehouse College. His research focus deals with learning from the past to prepare for the future, including the exploration of characteristics of successful minority entrepreneurs in the past, such as J. B. Blayton and L. D. Milton. In particular, it is noteworthy that these highly successful businessmen often found their triumphs in ways that uplifted the entire community. Discovering those characteristics should inform the classroom of today as we seek to teach the business and community leaders of tomorrow.
Dr. Dennis Kimbro – HOPE Faculty Fellow in Entrepreneurship
Dr. Kimbro is a Professor at Clark Atlanta University School of Business Administration and best-selling author. He is universally characterized as an authority on leadership, wealth, and success. As one of today’s top business speakers, he has documented and shared his principles and insight on peak performance with thousands of followers around the globe. As a lecturer and researcher in the field of management, entrepreneurship and human potential, Dr. Kimbro encourages his readers to look within to extract the keys that underlie all accomplishment.
Dr. Belinda Johnson White – HOPE Faculty Fellow in Leadership
Dr. White is an Associate Professor and the Management Program Director in the Department of Business Administration Morehouse College. Her research interests are in the area of 1) leadership development with special interest in issues related to women and minorities that affect movement to executive level positions, and 2) student development within the context of competitive positioning of US higher education with special interest in HBCU solvency. Her research focus as an Operation HOPE Faculty Fellow will center on the impact of economic and financial security on the development of self-constructs, i.e., self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-confidence, and self-concept, for diverse undergraduate student populations.