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The newly-launched HOPE Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship seeks to harness America's untapped economic energy by stimulating youth entrepreneurship and creating communities of economic opportunity.
Through financial dignity training, business role modeling, business internships, and intervention strategies, the program aims to increases the number of young Americans involved in small business and entrepreneurship, as well nurturing the development of small businesses across America's underserved communities. 
For youth, the program will be available to students that complete HOPE’s “A Course In Dignity” curriculum and its five Banking on Our Future program modules. HOPE’s goal represents an opportunity for youth in low wealth communities to receive training on how to start, build, grow and maintain businesses through the HOPE Business-In-A-Box initiative. 
For adults, the HOSBE's 700 Credit Score Community's Initiative will provide HOPE Center clients with consulting, training, and the necessary tools and credit data feedback support to help them build better credit scores, ultimately empowering them to become stakeholders through home or business ownership.  Increased credit scores give small business dreamers and owners easier access to financing, transforming underserved communities into emerging markets. 
For more information about the program and its initiatives, please contact