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The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) is a simple tool to help Americans minimize the financial impact of a natural disaster or emergency. It helps users identify and organize key financial records and serves as a quick reference to their most important financial documents, thus recovering much quicker by using it.

The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit  offers easy step-by-step instructions for how to protect personal assets and financial information, and reduce the challenges associated with emergencies and disasters. In 2005, the document became a registered federal government document, listed as FEMA publication #532. The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit  is the first free emergency financial reconstruction and economic recovery guide for disaster victims.

We also have a companion piece to the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit , the Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide (PDPG) which will guide you through steps you can take before a disaster strikes.

Instructions: Click on the link. You have the option to print or save the document to your device (on your desktop or wherever you want it saved). If you want to complete it on your computer, save the document first and then it will allow you to type in your information. Remember to save your changes. 


Download The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit  - Complete online

Download The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit  - Print and complete a hard copy

Download Descargar el Paquete de Primeros Auxilios Financieros


Download The Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide Complete online

Download The Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide  Print and complete a hard copy

Download Descargar el Guia de Preparatoria Personal para Desastres