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Our Mission

The mission of the Operation HOPE Banking on Our Future College Edition program is to empower and equip today’s college students with tools to understand the language of money, cultivate a spirit of giving, and live a dignified life as they define. 

Banking on Our Future College Edition first introduces college freshmen to the tools need to make critical financial decisions and avoid mistakes. Participants then examine their individual financial personality and develop healthy financial practices and attitudes. The final phase prepares college seniors for their post-college journey, equipping them with tools devoted to maintaining sound finances and an ethic of giving back.

The Problem

College seniors who graduated in 2012 had an average of $29,400 in student loan debt. In addition, the average college undergraduate student has $3,173 in credit card debt. And the default rate is rising—college students are the second highest bankruptcy-filing group in the country.

Often, college students don’t fully realize the impact of decisions to take on high-interest student loans or put tuition on a credit card—until the bill comes due after graduation. Faced with rapidly rising student debt and the worst job prospects in recent history, college students are in dire need of comprehensive financial literacy education.

Banking On Our Future College Edition (BOOF CE) is focused on helping students make positive, informed choices regarding debt and spending—and thrive in a difficult economy.

The student aid crisis is particularly acute in the black community. African-American students borrow more than any other group—and 81% graduate with debt. Through a partnership with the White House Office of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Operation HOPE has committed to bringing Banking on Our Future to all 105 historically black colleges in the US within 5 years—and expand to other colleges throughout the country.

Our App

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For More Information Contact:
Omari Pearson
National Program Director
Banking on Our Future College Edition
Operation HOPE, Inc.
c/o Gallup Building
901 F Street NW, Suite 501
Washington, DC 20004
Direct | 202.802.4772

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