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High-impact HOPE schools that have embraced Banking on Our Future financial literacy programming for youth would have an opportunity to host a HOPE-10UE Mini-Small Business & Entrepreneurship Pitch Event for their students.

Elementary, middle school and high-school students would first complete the 5 hour HBIABA Entrepreneur Training Program. Upon completion of the entrepreneur training, students at each grade level would have the opportunity to participate in a school-wide pitch event.

Each participate is given 2 minutes to pitch their business idea to a panel of local business role models and HOPE Corps volunteers serving as judges. At the conclusion of each pitch event, winners will receive a HBIABA business start up kit and up to a $500 grant to purchase the materials and supplies required to transform their winning idea into a fully operational business.

HBIABA Pitch Competition winners will also be aligned with a Business Role Model who will provide the necessary technical support to launch their winning idea into a business.