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How It Works

The HOPE Business In A Box Academies Initiative (HBIABA) will channel and transform a youth’s natural aspiration and state of hope into practical and life changing action steps. Action steps that they can implement themselves, with a little help from HOPE.  

Phase 1
Youth complete the Gallup-HOPE Index (GHI) each Fall to measure their attitudes and feelings about hope, dignity, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and well being in order to gain insight into how they envision their economic future. 

Phase 2
Youth are then led through HOPE’s award winning five-hour financial dignity program, Banking on Our Future (BOOF), or one of HOPE's partners financial literacy curriculums. BOOF gives youth access to the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their financial futures—with a message of empowerment, responsibility, and hope.

Phase 3

HOPE Business In A Box Academies - It starts with an idea

Youth complete the six-hour HBIABA primer course on entrepreneurship. Students will learn the process of turning a personal interest, dream and skill into a viable business idea and the art of pitching that idea. This course will be taught by local professionals and business owners and help kids develop skills in public speaking, critical thinking, and project management among others.

Phase 4
Next, those youth interested in turning their idea into a fully operational business have 120 seconds to pitch their idea to a panel of judges and their peers.

Phase 5
Winners of the school-wide pitch competition will be paired with a Business Role Model who works with them over a 10 week period to further develop their business plan and budget. Youth are presented with a tablet to develop their plan and operate their business.

Phase 6
The new youth entrepreneurs will then present their business plan and their budget to Operation HOPE and will be offered a HBIABA Business Start-up grant of up to $500.

Phase 7
At the end of the 10 week session, the new HBIABA youth entrepreneurs receive their HBIABA Business Start-up Grant and launch their new business ventures with the assistance of their Business Role Models.


The youth who complete the HBIABA Initiative will be introduced to key business and financial concepts which will provide them with the tools required to successfully compete in the global economy. This will be done by reconnecting the power of aspiration with the power of education in the lives of today’s America youth.

To get involved with HOPE Business In A Box Academies, contact Mary Kathryn (MK) Sagaria-Barritt.

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