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A Pitch of 'HOPE'

Since 2006, HOPE Denver has provided youth with financial literacy through our Youth Empowerment Program and entrepreneurial education through our HOPE Business In A Box (HBAIB) program.

In a nation where nearly a third of high school seniors already use a credit card, a higher proportion have an ATM card and nearly 1.5 million families filed for bankruptcy last year, the need for personal financial literacy is greater than ever. Yet fewer than 30% of young Americans are given specific instruction on personal finance in high school.

Financial literacy isn’t just about understanding math, it’s understanding the difference between wants and needs and the emotional connections we all have to money.

Through the Youth Empowerment and HOPE Business In A Box (HBIAB) curricula, professionals from the community volunteer to become HOPE Corps volunteers and teach youth – in classrooms, in church basements and in community centers – and guide them towards understanding their personal financial destinies and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. HOPE Denver’s ultimate goal is to break the cycle of economic poverty, give our youth a sense of hope and empower them with the practical skills that can help them to manage their destinies no matter what their dreams are.  

Volunteer to become a HOPE Corps member or enlist your youth group or classroom in financial literacy today by contacting our office!