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November 24 2015

This Thanksgiving HOPE Coalition America Urges You to Get Prepared This Holiday Season

You and your family have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and Holiday season. While appreciating your family and reflecting on your accomplishments and plans for the future, allocate some time to insuring the things you have acquired are not lost to a disaster in your community.  House and apartment fires are the most frequent disaster that can affect your savings and financial goals. Tornadoes, floods, snow storms, hurricanes and earthquakes usually result in the requirement to repair or replace assets with new loans.

The negative effects of disasters can be reduced by taking actions that will allow you to recover financially.  Free resources are available to you and your family.  Make a commitment today to take action this holiday season to protect your family.

Go to to get started and learn how well you are prepared to recover after an emergency or disaster. Your free DFR Score will also provide a recommended action plan to increase your score and level of preparedness, and free access to an Emergency Financial First Aid Kit and a Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide.

Wishing you an enjoyable Holiday Season.  We hope you take advantage of our guidance to protect your family.  To become a DFR Score Partner, contact Oliver Bell at or 504.458.2844.