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July 29 2015

Operation HOPE’s New Blog Brings a Wealth of Information

Operation HOPE is now introducing the new HOPE Blog. With a fresh look and feel, the updated blog will provide readers with tips and advice on personal finance as well as report on current news from Operation HOPE and our partners.

The change ensures that HOPE is keeping up with the most current design and technological trends. HOPE prioritizes cyber security, and the new updates put the blog at its highest level. Our goal with this new platform is to encourage more dialogue and interaction with our readers.

Previously a stand-alone site, the HOPE Blog is now embracing the Wordpress multisite update that allows exactly what it implies: the administration and management of multiple websites.

To successfully move our blog and all of the essential components, including the content and theme, it was disassembled then rebuilt from the ground up in a new environment. With all the current activity and what’s projected for the future, we’ve streamlined the new site to avoid putting added stress on our servers.

“Moving forward we’d like to see a more engaging platform for people to not only read current news, but to communicate with us and discuss the topics posted by our blog writers. It will move from reporting out, to providing useful information for readers that sparks conversation and breaks down the wall between the public and the organization,” said Samantha Sineni, social media manager at Operation HOPE.

In the future, a blog visitor can look forward to gaining insights on managing finance in their daily lives and keeping up with important financial literacy news. To subscribe to our blog, follow this link: