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July 14 2015

Let Them Eat Cake! Honey Bun Cake Factory Rises to New Level in Year Two

In his first interview with Operation HOPE’s Mid-Atlantic President Ryan Mack, Owner of Honey Bun Cake Factory Anthony McFarland was only one year out of HOPE’s Small Business Empowerment Program. In our most recent checkup, we found that Anthony has taken Honey Bun Cake Factory to a new level.

In the initial interview, Anthony explains how he used HOPE’s resources to research restaurants in the area, which lead him to a shocking conclusion – no one he’d surveyed had ever tasted a honey bun! With this finding, he quickly cooked up samples and delivered them to the nearby restaurants.

The result: In November 2014, just one year after graduating, Honey Bun Cakes were present in 40 stores and the “Factory” employed 10 people from the community.

Since then, Anthony earned his way to the 2nd round of finals in the popular TV show “Shark Tank,” gaining important recognition, which he used to introduce four new cake products.

When asked about Anthony’s success, his small business coach Cynthia Harrison proudly said, “All things are possible, if one believes and has unwavering, uncompromising faith in the vision.” She went on to quote the Mid-Atlantic market’s entrepreneurship mantra, "DREAM, VISUALIZE, EXECUTE AND COMPLETE. “

Currently, Anthony is continuing his expansion. In 2015, he increased customer distribution to five more stores. Additionally, Honey Bun Cakes are now being produced in dry form from major mixer “McClancy” for distribution in retail chain stores.

Today, we’re proud to announce that on July 10, 2015 Anthony launched a new van to make operations run more smoothly and to expand the amount of clients he can serve. We also eagerly await the introduction of the new Honey Bun Cake Factory storefront retail property scheduled to open December of 2016.

Mid-Atlantic President Ryan Mack said, "HOPE doesn't just give a course, we give HOPE. We do this by daily interaction with our clients and pushing them to reach for greater success. We are so proud of Honey Bun Cakes and seeing the success of this business only makes us work harder to recreate more!"

We look forward to watching Anthony grow Honey Bun Cake Factory and develop further as an entrepreneur. Our Small Business Empowerment Program aims to give people like Anthony McFarland the tools to achieve their dreams and become job creators, which will uplift underserved communities.

Visit the Honey Bun Cake Factory website here.