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July 14 2015

Operation HOPE Welcomes the Newest Member of the HOPE Denver Team

My name is Latrice Wilson, I am the 2015-2016 HOPE Business in a Box Casey Fellow in Operation HOPE’s Denver Market. I am a graduate of the University of Denver Colorado Women’s College. I have earned my B.A. in Business Administration, with an emphasis on Entrepreneurial Studies, and am a proud first generation college graduate. I am excited to work with the underserved communities of Denver through the avenues of financial literacy and empowerment of Operation HOPE.

What can I say?! I am the baby of Operation HOPE Denver family! It’s been four whole years since I’ve been in the workforce. I went from being my children’s personal chef, chauffeur, nurse and house manager to my very first nonprofit experience. Which at this point has been great! I feel that it’s different here, in the nonprofit sector (especially at Operation HOPE), because there is a true vested interest in the employees; not just for their well being, but for their personal development beyond the scope of Operation HOPE.

Born and raised right in the Greater Five Points area of Denver, I hope to bring a unique perspective to Operation HOPE. I've worked in a variety of industries, which will hopefully contribute a vast and valuable skillset to the HOPE team. My employment history speaks to years devoted to the private sector in the telecommunications and healthcare industries.

I am proud of taking this extreme leap of faith, finishing school, applying to and fortunately landing this fellowship with Operation HOPE. The first day was action packed with plenty of “to-do’s” by days end! It left me with the sense of connectedness and reassurance that my team needs me. In observation, the diverse experience and background of each teammate enables the daily market operations to organically flow. I am extremely happy to be apart of an amazing team and organization!