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July 07 2015

Client Testimonial: Mr. E.B.

“I am so happy to have met you."

I wish J. would have told me about you before."

"You will help me.”

These are just a few sentences that gushed from a thrilled client that I had the opportunity to counsel at our HOPE Inside SunTrust location. Mr. E.B was a referral from the branch’s personal banker. After an immediate follow-up, within just 24 short hours, he was sitting at my desk eager to get help for his credit situation. Subsequent to pulling his credit and witnessing his determination for a better future for him and his family, I enrolled him into Tampa’s first 700 Credit Score Community Cohort.

Mr. E.B. earns minimum wages and works a lot of overtime to support his wife, 13- month old daughter and a baby on the way. Even with what some would consider as meager earnings, he has managed a considerable savings with our partner, SunTrust. Mr. E. B. has the means, the determination and now we will provide him with the education he needs to speak the language of finance and increase his credit score.