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July 07 2015

Stories of HOPE - Galina Chtyreva

From a young age, Ms. Galina Chtyreva has been an adventurous individual, wanting to get out and explore the world as much as she could. It was no surprise when she decided to leave Siberia right after graduating high school and moved to Canada. To continue her adventures, Galina recently moved to Los Angeles, California. Although she is closer to her parents and brothers in Los Angeles, she left everyone and everything she knew back in Montreal. Wanting to become an integrated part of the Los Angeles community, Galina made the conscious decision to not own a TV. Instead she prefers to spend much of her spare time out and about!

Having moved to a foreign country at a young age, Galina remembers trying to figure out how to live on her own in an unfamiliar environment.  She made it through, with the help of many, many kind strangers who selflessly helped her along the way. As such, she promised herself that she would commit to giving back to her community to help others, just like others have helped her along the way. Galina graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada with a degree in Finance, so finding out about Operation HOPE’s presence in Los Angeles seemed to be the perfect opportunity for her to become integrated in the community while using her knowledge in a different capacity for the community’s benefit.

Galina enjoys being able to influence the students during this essential time in their lives, right before graduating high school. She remembers the overwhelming joy she felt when a student approached her after one of her lectures to ask Galina about her education and career experiences. During the conversation, the student began to share his plans for his education and future, and the spark in his eyes confirmed that he had been inspired by Galina’s lecture.

Although Galina is fairly new to the Los Angeles community, she has already become a highly integrated part of it, bringing financial literacy to many of the youth. Operation HOPE thanks Galina for her enthusiasm for volunteerism, giving to her community and financial literacy!