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June 30 2015

Stories of HOPE - Marcia Beyer Casem

By Krystian Palmero, HOPE Corps Fellow

Imagine the surprise Marcia Beyer Casem felt when she walked into a classroom this past May to teach a Banking on Our Future session and a majority of the students had already known much of the information. From the beginning of the session, the students answered Marcia’s questions enthusiastically, quickly, and most importantly correctly. The next question she asked was: “How did you know that answer so quickly.”

“You taught my 6th grade class,” one of the students responded, giving Marcia an overwhelming sense of gratification knowing that her students had genuinely paid attention and remembered the information she had taught them.

Marcia has demonstrated a tremendous amount of commitment to volunteerism, turning her volunteer activities into a family affair. Even as a teenager, Marcia had accumulated over 1,000 volunteer hours by the end of her senior year in high school. During the summers, she would volunteer as a candy striper at the Riverside General Hospital where her mother was a nurse. To date, Marcia has almost taught the entire 8th grade at Badger Springs Middle School this past May where she has partnered with her daughter, Dawn Strange, who is a teacher there to teach 265 students.

Although Marcia’s formal education has been in business-related topics, her passion has always been teaching. According to Marcia, “Volunteering is what I love to do, and teaching is what my passion has always been.

The combination of her education and her passion led her to become involved in Operation HOPE’s Banking on Our Future program in 1999 in Riverside, California; however, although she enjoyed teaching the students, her involvement with Banking on Our Future came to a standstill the following year. After joining First Bank as the Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager at the Mira Loma Office, she jumped at the chance to begin volunteering for Operation HOPE again and has been volunteering since. While Marcia is planning on retiring next year from banking, she is hoping to become a licensed substitute teacher and to continue teaching HOPE’s Banking on Our Future program for as long as she can, believing that it is a program that all students should receive.

Marcia’s dedication to volunteerism through Operation HOPE and all other activities is not only greatly appreciated by Operation HOPE, but most importantly by her community. We wish Marcia the best in her retirement and encourage her to keep up the good work!