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June 25 2015

Operation HOPE Broadens its Online Engagement and Intraoffice Network

Last week, Operation HOPE announced that Yelp now features HOPE Inside locations as a way to increase methods for customers to connect with services and the number of people able to receive help. Today, HOPE shares its broader vision for a much larger social media infrastructure and IT upgrades.

Under the guidance of the Director of Information Systems & Technology Management Sevan Torossian, and with the assistance of Social Media Manager Samantha Sineni, Operation HOPE is improving its IT systems and establishing a social media presence in regions where it has a footprint.

“The Operation HOPE ISTM (Information Systems Technology Management) Department is on the cutting edge of cloud based enterprise platforms,” said Torossian. “Working with partners and providers such as Box, Podio by Citrix, Evernote, Google Work for Non-profits and many others, we are taking Operation HOPE to the next level of on-line and intra-office engagement and breaking the industry misconception that non-profits are not always leading the push to innovate.”

In addition to Sineni, a highly dedicated team of technology professionals and fellows, implement Torossian’s structural vision to put HOPE on the forefront of innovation. Each region is being equipped with a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account to engage with clients outside of counseling sessions. The headquarters office in Los Angeles also maintains a YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr and Storify account.

Sevan and Samantha also established a team of social media specialists across the country to create and extend relationships online. The accounts include the latest HOPE happenings, upcoming events and seminars, personal finance tips and discussions on the “silver rights” movement.

Since April 2014, the headquarters accounts have doubled in followers and HOPE has more regions on the social media map. Moving forward, Sineni plans to increase the amount of assistance we give on our social media channels.

“HOPE is here to show people that there is a way out of their problem and to give them the solution. Our social media channels should reflect that. In the future, we will shift our online focus from showing people how we financially educate people,  to providing help and resources, just as we would in a classroom or counseling session,” says Sineni.