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September 26 2012

School and community partnership helps students in financial literacy

By: Sherrie Johnson

BALTIMORE - Students at Northwood Elementary School in Northeast Baltimore are getting financially fit.  They are learning how to manage money.

It's all a part of Operation Hope Banking on Our Future Program.

"It's important that we have the knowledge, the skills, the concept of living a good life.  Students need to learn to manage money because it comes to play when these young people become an adult," said Dionne Waldron, Program Manager for the Banking on Our Future Youth Financial Literacy Program.

Operation Hope teamed up with PNC Bank and Morgan State University volunteers to teach students about checking and savings accounts, the power of credit, investments, budgeting, needs and wants.  Morgan State students try to drive the points home.

"It's important for students to get it from people who are not too much older than they are because they can see that it isn't something to do when you are old.  Students can hear live experiences from people who were in their shoes," said Kevin Lewis, Morgan State University volunteer student.

PNC Bank donated $100,000 to the program to help educate 2,500 students over 36 months.  Students were receptive to the lesson.

"It's fun and it's interesting because we get to learn about money," said Jon'Nai King, fourth grader.

The Banking On Our Future Program is for students in fourth to 12th grade in Baltimore area schools.  The program has educated over 25,000 students since 2003.

This year the goal is to educate 4,500 students.

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